Shaanta ~ the Sanskrit term reflecting …

‘the sentiment of happiness, peace and pleasure’

… the deepest level of peace within.

Whether relaxing and immersing yourself in a purifying therapy session, engaging in a wellness event or exploring the inspiring retail selection, no detail in service or environment has been overlooked to create for our guests a peaceful, refreshing experience and a haven to restore a sense of balance and revitalization.

Cleansing and purification services :

Colon Hydrotherapy  ~   Infusions

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Ionization Footbaths

We hope you’ll visit soon.



Winter Events will be held

at Pure Juice Cafe

in Arlington Heights

- There are currently no events scheduled -



Warm Up, Get Glowing and

Sweat Yourself Healthy!

Every Sunday thru

November and December

30 minute full spectrum

infrared sauna sessions:

just $10

Stay Healthy this Winter!

Boost your immune system with

effective & supportive wellness essentials.

20% off the following essentials thru December 31st:


Pure Radiance C –

Certified Organic & non-GMO

A truly 100% natural whole food Vitamin C.

Available in Vegetarian-capsule & powder.


D3 Serum ~ Sunshine in a Bottle!

The most bio-available vegetarian source of this fat soluble nutrient.

All natural, non-synthetic, non-toxic and humanely sourced.


Dr. Singha’s Natural Therapeutics

Feng Shui Spray

Purify the air you breathe!

An Ayurvedic essential oil blend for decongesting properties & to shield against undesirable micro-organisms.


Oil of Oregano (Quantum Carvacrol Oil)

Use as a super insurance plan to boost your immune system.

Has remarkable effects against all types of microbes, such as bacteria, virus, fungus & parasites.

Always keep a bottle on hand!