Shaanta ~ the Sanskrit term reflecting …

‘the sentiment of happiness, peace and pleasure’

… the deepest level of peace within.

Whether relaxing and immersing yourself in a purifying therapy session, engaging in a wellness event or exploring the inspiring retail selection, no detail in service or environment has been overlooked to create for our guests a peaceful, refreshing experience and a haven to restore a sense of balance and revitalization.

Cleansing and purification services :

Colon Hydrotherapy  ~   Infusions

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Ionization Footbaths

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We now carry

MONQ® Aromatherapy

the personal essential oil diffuser

~a new way to experience aromatherapy~

simply choose a blend, breathe in through

your mouth and exhale through your nose

to experience life-enhancing effects.


New  Probiotic Fermented Powders

by Premier Research Labs

Turmeric with Ginger

Mushroom Blend





Warm Up & Sweat Yourself Healthy!

full spectrum

infrared sauna sessions:

every Saturday & Sunday just $12


Has Winter taken a toll on your skin & body?

Reset, Refresh & Renew with these healthy lifestyle essentials:

25% off the following thru May 31st 

Fire Cider tonic

doTERRA Turmeric essential oil

PRL Lean Advantage

PRL Beet Powder

PRL Turmeric Powder

Try an easy 3-day detox

that will leave you feeling great!

HealthForce Nutritionals 3 Day Cleanse

Includes a 45 minute full spectrum infrared sauna session

$50 thru May 31st