WELCOME to Shaanta Inc … ever present and welcoming with its calm warmth and refreshing ambiance.  A place where complexity, external influences and stresses of everyday life are washed away as you immerse yourself in peace and relaxation.  A state of peace where one may experience empowered renewal, balance and healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Whether your time is spent relaxing and immersing yourself in a purifying therapy session, engaging in a wellness event or exploring the inspiring retail selection, no detail in service or environment has been overlooked to create for our guests a peaceful, refreshing experience and a haven to restore a sense of balance and revitalization.

At Shaanta, the foundational belief is that a life of  “ happiness, peace and pleasure” is possible with the achievement of maintaining total wellness from the inside out.  To assist our guests with their health and wellness goals, a diverse selection of purification therapies are offered.  These therapies include colon hydrotherapy, infusions (implants), infrared sauna therapy and ionization footbaths.  Natural products that support and enhance the benefits of these services are also offered.


water ~ refreshing, peaceful and purifying

Pure water is the simple, foundational element used in our therapies for cleansing, purification and hydration.  Among many other benefits, water helps to create internal balance, enhance regeneration and stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself ~ the path to longevity and vitality.

At Shaanta, our goal is simple … for each guest to experience inner peace and balance and to be enlightened and awakened to the healing powers within.  With restored vitality and the essence of oneness resonating into the light of their lives, an optimum healthy state may be attained … allowing our guests to manifest a life lived well.

“ the future is sending you back good wishes and waiting with open arms. ” – Kobi Yamada


Our reason for being

Christina Czuj is the owner and founder of Shaanta Inc..  After years of enduring severe pain and limitations from multiple neck and back injuries and struggling with internal injuries and severe digestive disorders, Christina’s own healing journey and quest for overall well-being opened her to the knowledge and awareness of the significant effective role a holistic approach can make to calmly induce and promote one’s own innate healing potential.  Through this journey of transformation and purification, she discovered the profound value of the mind-body-spirit connection, importance of nutrition and prevention and the power of energy.  Her genuine passion is in the field of colon hydrotherapy, detoxification and the vast realm of nutrition and a raw-food lifestyle.  Christina has embodied and embraced holistic healing and healthy living concepts as a way of life.

With gratitude for all that has flowed into her life through her own healing experiences and with her certification as a colon hydrotherapist, she pursued her desire and vision to offer a holistic and alternative resource for others to overcome their own health challenges and imbalances; discover simplicity, peace and balance within; and to explore ways to enhance their lifestyles and well being.

Shaanta Inc. became a reality in 2006.  With compassionate, genuine and attentive service, Shaanta began quietly touching the lives of others with personalized purification and detoxification services and inspired guidance towards a state of greater health and well-being.