Infusions of high quality probiotics, chlorophyll and sesame oil are a rejuvenating and enhancing complement to all detoxification therapies.  They also serve as an alternative for individuals with contraindicative conditions of colon hydrotherapy.  Infusions, also referred to as implants, are ideal prior to traveling or during pregnancy.  A consult with your therapist will guide you in determining which infusion would be beneficial for you.

Probiotic Infusion

Infusions of probiotics replenish and re-inoculates the colon with healthy bacteria and restores the essential balance of healthy bacteria to ‘bad and harmful’  bacteria.  Probiotics also reduce Candida (yeast) in the system, promote improved absorption of nutrients, inhibit the growth of pathogenic harmful bacteria and enhance the immune system.  Other benefits may include relief of intestinal inflammation and improved digestion and colon function.

Chlorophyll Infusion

Infusions of organic chlorophyll promote proper digestion, enhance metabolism, neutralize toxins and protect the body from free radicals.  An alkaline condition is created by the pH balancing and alkalizing affects of chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is powerful for regeneration  on a cellular level and is also cleansing, purifying and energizing.

infusions2Sesame Oil Infusion

Organic, unrefined sesame oil containing no chemical solvents infused into the body lubricates the intestinal tract, reduces inflammation and loosens mucous (mucoid plaque) ~ moisturizing the body from the inside out!


Infusion of probiotics, chlorohyll or sesame oil:     $ 20.00