ionSpa pro Footbath Detoxification Therapy

ionSpa pro Footbath Detoxification Therapy

The ionSpa pro footbath detoxification therapy is a balancing, purifying and energizing ionization therapy that provides a safe, simple and effective means to eliminate toxins and free radicals from the body.

Toxins and free radicals adversely affect the aging process, damage cells of the body and ultimately inhibit digestion and cause damage to the body’s nervous, immune and enzyme systems.  Toxins existing in the body occur from both internal and external sources and lifestyle choices.  Dehydration, fermentation, putrefaction and rancidity from poor digestion and malnutrition, as well as toxic thoughts and emotions may lead to a toxic state.

Negative ions are involved in nearly every vital process and are essential to restoring the body’s balance and energy.  The ionSpa pro system ionizes water to detoxify the body and creates an environment rich in essential ions; like those that are  found naturally in fresh raw foods.  An abundance of negatively charged ions, which act as a powerful antioxidant, are infused into the body through the feet.  These negative ions neutralize toxic and oxidative substances in the body.  Once neutralized, these particles are eliminated from the body through the skin or processed through the body’s other organs of detoxification being the colon, lungs, lymphatic system and kidneys.  The negative ions in the water also increase the body’s pH to a more alkaline state and stimulate cellular regeneration.

Release of toxins and impurities and maintaining a more balanced acid-alkaline state allows for improvement of overall well being.

Therapeutic benefits of ionization may include:

  • improved circulation
  • increased relaxation
  • relief from symptomatic or chronic pain
  • improved cellular function and repair
  • improved metabolism
  • improved sleep
  • renewed skin conditions
  • stress relief and reduction
  • weight loss / weight management

To learn more about the properties and benefits of ionization and ionized water, please visit our  “ hydration”  page


Single Session         $   40

Package of 3 sessions  ($35 per session)        $ 105

Package of 5 sessions  ($30 per session)        $ 150

Package 0f 10 sessions  ($25 per session)        $ 250

New Client : Single Session        $   25

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