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Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Resources

The wellness goals, state of being and the core needs of every individual is different.  To achieve and maintain good health, we encourage you to define and create an effective blend of services, products and wellness habits and rituals that the body, mind and spirit will be most receptive to.

Below is a guide of well-established, highly skilled practitioners, therapists and resources that are personally known to be expert leaders in their specialized fields.  For an all-encompassing healing experience, explore the links to these healthy lifestyle and wellness choices that may be helpful in servicing your needs and successful in assisting you with your wellness journey.


Energy Healing

Lotti Meier, LMT  –  LaHoChi Energy Healing

LaHoChi Energy Healer and Licensed Massage Therapist

Raw Living Food & Juice

Paula Kadzielawska – Pure Juice Café

Promoting pure health and vitality through the world of raw living foods.

Offers a convenient, high quality menu of

freshly pressed pure juices, smoothies and plant-based living foods.