The state of one’s health and well being can be optimized by conscious mindful focus, centered awareness and lifestyle choices.  With dedicated effort and commitment to be an informative and educational resource for our clients and community, Shaanta periodically offers events, workshops and seminars.

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The following events will be held in the Arlington Heights location.
March 24, 2018  Saturday  10:30 til 11:30 am
GOKHALE METHOD®… natural posture for a pain-free life
presented by:  Aurelia Vaicekauskas
Have you tried everything and your back, hip, neck or shoulder still hurts?
Experience what healthy posture can do for you in this free, one-hour workshop.

No surgery, no medication, no adjustments, no equipment, no exercises! Based on the teachings of Esther Gokhale, L.Ac., author of Amazon Bestseller “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back”.

Nearly 90% of American adults suffer from back pain, and the number continues to climb. Why does this condition affect so many people in the industrialized world, while in some countries only 5% of adults report back pain? In a quest to find the root cause of back pain, Esther Gokhale studied at the Aplomb Institute in Paris and traveled to parts of the world where back pain is virtually unknown. Her research took her to remote Burkina Faso, rural Portugal, and fishing villages in Brazil.

What she learned in each of these places has changed the lives of thousands of people. Preserved in the movements of weavers, millers, and farmers in more traditional societies is ancient body wisdom that prevents pain and enhances health. For the first time, these insights have been brought together in a step-by-step guide designed to help those suffering from back pain re-educate their bodies and regain the posture for which our bodies evolved.

Once you have learned this system, it takes no time to implement, yet it works for you 24/7.” ~ Susan Wojcicki, CEO YouTube



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