The state of one’s health and well being can be optimized by conscious mindful focus, centered awareness and lifestyle choices.  With dedicated effort and commitment to be an informative and educational resource for our clients and community, Shaanta periodically offers events, workshops and seminars.

 Spring Forest Qigong Classes

with Emmett Sylvester, S.F.Q. Certified Practice Group Leader

Tuesdays  7:00 pm til 8:15 pm

Discover your natural ability to heal yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically & energetically.

Focus will be on the Five Healing Elements – wood, fire, water, metal, earth – to release negative emotions – anger, hatred, anxiety, depression, fear – and replace with positive emotions … happiness – joy – peace – contentment – gratitude & thankfulness.

Spring Forest Qigong can’t Relieve Pain and Suffering but can TEACH YOU to Relieve Pain and Suffering & Gain Pleasure to Feel Good.  Using slow body movements, visualization/mind Qigong techniques, Qigong breathing techniques and Qigong sound/chants, S.F.Q. helps to open energy channels, strengthen and balance all your senses to Feel Good and in Finding Your Life’s Purpose!

Qigong class will end with a Healing Circle.  Questions and Answers before and after class!!!

Introductory Promotional Rates:

$10 per person ~ $15 per couple

$5 per child

For more information or to register for a class,
please contact Pure Detox at 847 613 4363


July 12, 2017  Wednesday  7 til 8 pm
6 Reasons Why We’re Always Exhausted
presented by:  Uma Girish, Grief Guide and Award Winning Author
Uma will discuss how:
  • How imbalance shows up in your life and how you can correct it
  • Why pushing through is a bad idea and how it depletes your energy
  • How rest is so much more than a good night’s sleep
  • What unresolved grief has to do with exhaustion
Cost:  FREE
Uma Girish is a Grief Guide and Award Winning Author.  Her memoir, Losing Amma, Finding Home, was published by Hay House.  Uma is co-founder of the International Grief Council, an international speaker and a podcast host.  To learn more about Uma, visit
August 04, 2017   Friday   5:30 pm til 6:45 pm
instructed by:  Theresa (Terre) Virgilio, RYT
Kick off your weekend with this introductory TGIF Yoga Class.  Melt away the stress of a long week with Friday night yoga ~ a gentle practice that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for the weekend!
All levels are welcome!
Cost:  Introductory Rate $5.00
About Theresa:  As a dancer, performer, artist, musician, bicyclist and teacher, I am constantly striving to find harmony between strength, flexibility, knowledge and learning.  My inspiration comes from all art forms.  I have been a student of yoga since the late 90’s.  I bring much experience and knowledge to my classes and always aim for creating a safe and nurturing environment for each of my students.  I have attended trainings/certifications for Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Osteoporosis, Prison Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Accessible Yoga and Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and PTSD.  I have also assisted classes with Gabriel Halperin to work one-on-one with students with sports injuries, disabilities, chronic conditions, special needs and physical and mental challenges.  I strongly regard that yoga is for all beings and provides the opportunity to bring lightness and humor, along with connecting with oneself on a deeper level.  I believe yoga can provide a balance to the physical and emotional stresses of our environment and I am committed to inspiring others, as I have been inspired, by this practice of mind, body & spirit.

        To register for or learn more about upcoming events,

please call Christina Czuj at

t: 847 613 4363 tel    c: 312 287 8702

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