The state of one’s health and well being can be optimized by conscious mindful focus, centered awareness and lifestyle choices.  With dedicated effort and commitment to be an informative and educational resource for our clients and community, Shaanta periodically offers events, workshops and seminars.


Sunday February 24 2019  |  1 pm til 2 pm
Kangen® Water
Change Your Water, Change Your Life! ™
presented by: Amy Andrews, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition & Metabolic Typing Practitioner
Join us for this Healthy Hydration presentation and learn to live a healthy balanced lifestyle with Kangen® Water ~ pure, antioxidant rich, ionized & alkaline.  You will learn how Kangen® Water:
– Improves Hydration & Encourages Longevity
– Offers Antioxidants that Neutralize Free Radicals
– Acts as a Nutritional Catalyst
– Supports Healthy Digestion and Elimination
– Enhances Healthy Weight Management
– Works as a Chemical-Free Cleaning option to “Green Your Home”
You will also discover how Kangen® Water may improve the nutritional value and tastes of foods when used for food prep and cooking.
Cost: Free
Location: Dr. Michael P. Huber DC MD CCST, 207 So. Arlington Heights Rd #A, Arlington Heights IL
Saturday April 6 2019  |  1 pm til 5 pm
The Secret to Longevity and Living the Life You Love
Create your best life!  Join Brian Clement PhD, LN for a lecture addressing elements from the food you eat to the air you breathe and how it influences the life you are trying to achieve.  Vendor Fair starts at 1 pm.  Keynote with Brian Clement 2 – 4 pm, followed by Q&A and Book Signing.
Cost: $15  :  A free Hippocarates magazine subscription and Lifestyle chart at event with advanced registration at:
Location: The Mankind Project Chicago, 1900 West Fulton Street, Chicago IL 60612

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