The state of one’s health and well being can be optimized by conscious mindful focus, centered awareness and lifestyle choices.  With dedicated effort and commitment to be an informative and educational resource for our clients and community, Shaanta periodically offers events, workshops and seminars.

 Spring Forest Qigong Classes

with Emmett Sylvester, S.F.Q. Certified Practice Group Leader

Thursdays  7 pm til 8:15 pm

Discover your natural ability to heal yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically & energetically.

Focus will be on the Five Healing Elements – wood, fire, water, metal, earth – to release negative emotions – anger, hatred, anxiety, depression, fear – and replace with positive emotions … happiness – joy – peace – contentment – gratitude & thankfulness.

Spring Forest Qigong can’t Relieve Pain and Suffering but can TEACH YOU to Relieve Pain and Suffering & Gain Pleasure to Feel Good.  Using slow body movements, visualization/mind Qigong techniques, Qigong breathing techniques and Qigong sound/chants, S.F.Q. helps to open energy channels, strengthen and balance all your senses to Feel Good and in Finding Your Life’s Purpose!

Qigong class will end with a Healing Circle.  Questions and Answers before and after class!!!

Single Class $ 10


For more information or to register for a class,
please contact Pure Detox at 847 613 4363


November 05, 2017  Sunday  11 am til noon
Liver and Gallbladder Health
presented by:  Cyndi Dodick Schwimmer, Holistic Health Practitioner, Raw Food Chef & Instructor
“Most adults living in the industrialized world, and especially those suffering a chronic illness such as heart disease, arthritis, MS, cancer or diabetes, have hundreds if not thousands of gallstones blocking the bile ducts of their liver.” -Andreas Moritz, author
Your liver and gallbladder are critical to your overall well-being and make t possible for you to stay healthy in so many ways.  Come learn:
  • Why your liver is such an important part of health and well being
  • What role your liver and gallbladder play in your everyday life
  • Why so many people end up having their gallbladder removed
  • What foods you can consume to support your liver and gallbladder
  • What you can do to detox and avoid gallbladder attacks
  • Benefits of a liver and gallbladder flush.
Cost : FREE
November 05, 2017   Sunday   12:15 til 1:15 pm
How Vegans get their Protein …a raw vegan organic demo & tasting
presented by:  Cyndi Dodick Schwimmer, holistic health practitioner, raw food chef & instructor
Simply delicious… and healthy too! Join Cyndi Dodick Schwimmer, holistic health practitioner & raw culinary chef & instructor for a free sampling of raw, vegan & organic protein snacks and shakes. You will also learn about many vegan sources of protein and the benefits.
Cost:  FREE
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