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Warm Up & Sweat Yourself Healthy!

full spectrum infrared sauna sessions:

every Saturday and Sunday

just $12


Has Winter taken a toll on your skin & body?

Reset, Refresh & Renew with these healthy lifestyle essentials.

25% off the following essentials thru May 31st 

Fire Cider ~ a powerful daily tonic!
This health giving tonic bursting with zing is perfect as a salad dressing, marinade or straight from the shot glass.  Crafted from raw certified organic apple cider vinegar blended with organic ginger, horseradish, onions, black pepper, garlic, habanero peppers, turmeric, lemons, oranges and wildflower honey.

doTERRA Turmeric essential oil
Take internally or use in food prep for daily metabolic support.  Also helps to promote clear, smooth, radiant skin and support healthy immune function.

Lean Advantage
This organic, vegan, thermogenic formula delivers full spectrum botanical ingredients, herbal extracts and specialized nutritional agents combined to support healthy weight management, lean body mass and glycemic metabolism.  This is NOT a “JOLT” product.

NEW Probiotic Fermented Beet Powder & Turmeric Powder
Probiotic fermentation provides maximum bioavailability, digestion & absorption.  Turmeric with ginger promotes liver health and healthy digestion.  Beets are a bioavailable source of naturally occurring dietary nitrates to promote energy and promote healthy gut microbiota & metabolic activity.

HealthForce 3 Day Cleanse

An easy detox that will leave you feeling great!

Provides intestinal detoxification and gentle liver and kidney detoxification.

Includes a 45 minute full spectrum infrared sauna session.

$50 thru May 31st, 2019

Infrared sauna session must be used by June 30th